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Crowdcast Your Next Activation.

It’s likely almost everyone at your event will have a smartphone loaded with social media apps burning a hole in their pocket. Social Mosa encourages guests to tweet messages and post photos to Instagram as the action happens.

It’s a creative way to generate a positive online impression about the event and brand. Social Mosa also looks great. Guests can’t help but take part again and again as they see their content dynamically displayed on venue screens.

Social Mosa displays crowd-sourced tweets and Instagrams in a generative animation on venue screens. Think of it as a live conversation visualizer. Using their own smartphones, event guests tweet and send Instagrams with the hashtag created by you. Social Mosa continually searches for that content, then grabs and pulls it down into the Mosaic animation. Along the way, every tweet and Instagram is manually filtered using our Monitor application. It’s a quick, simple process that guarantees negative comments or images won’t make it to screen.

Accepted tweets and Instagrams automatically transform into branded cards in the Mosaic. Together, they flock on-screen, creating a beautiful fluid animation, unlike any other social media wall. Periodically, the cards mosaic, forming predetermined logos and messages, before exploding back to life. The more guests participate, the more visually impressive Social Mosa is.

To ensure only acceptable Instagrams and tweets make it to screen, all content posted with the pre-determined hash tag is manually filtered for suitability using Tangible’s ‘Monitor’ software. Anyone can use Monitor to filter Instagrams on the fly – a client representative, agency social media expert, AV or EventStars supplied technician – it’s very intuitive.

Social Mosa runs from an EventStars supplied MacBook Pro laptop so it’s portable and takes up little space on the AV control desk. Besides AV, the only extra component required at the venue is a reliable Internet connection.

Works with iPhone, Android, Blackberry or Windows 7 smartphones
‘Monitor’ application included
Hashtag searching
Compatible with any HD screen and projection technology
Easily customized / branded

To book Social Mosa for your event, please email us at:
social mosa

Clients a.o.
- Absolut Vodka Miami
- AT&T Red Bull Racing
- Samsung
- Bud Ligt
- American Idol Live!
- ESPN the Magazine

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