Zygote Interactive Balls

Zygote is a large, lightweight, helium filled, inflatable ball that responds to motion through human touch. Tap it, bounce or punch it and the Zygote Ball reacts by changing colour as it floats through the air.

Zygotes are perfect for concerts, promotions or any event with a large energetic crowd. They transform the space into a multi-dimensional, interactive playground, and create a shared experience.

Giant floating spheres illuminated from within, suspended in the sky, making a beautifully decorated surrounding appear magical. Suddenly, the spheres start to fall from the sky, and more luminous spheres appear, as people watch in disbelief and the crowd becomes euphoric. This is the ZYGOTE experience!

As the lightweight Zygotes gently return to the crowd, a sense of anticipation builds in the audience. People want to touch them and bounce them around. When a Zygote passes overhead, everyone gathers and jumps up to reach it. Their collective tap changes the Zygote’s colour and sends it floating majestically into the air. With Zygote, there is finally something special created that gives the audience the powerful feeling of being a part of the show rather than being merely spectators. It is important to have the right amount of zygotes in order to achieve the full effect of this interactive experience. Those who are able to touch a zygote that evening will feel privileged to have been able to do so, and will share the incredible experience with all others. Those who tried and were not close enough to touch the zygotes will also experience their effect, it was something exceptional, magical, and not quite attainable. This increases the status and the recollection of the Zygote experience.

2m in diameter
Helium filled
Internal RGB LED lights
Motion sensitive
Wireless connectivity
DMX control
Up to 1hr operating life (rechargeable batteries inside)
Rugged, fire proof construction

To book Zygote Balls for your event, please email us at: info@eventstars.nl
zygote winter games video balk

audience playing

zygote branded balls

Clients a.o.
- 2010 Olympic Winter Games
- Sensation
- Blue Man Group
- One Direction / NRJ Music Awards
- Jesse J / Orange Summer Party
- Swedish House Maffia / Ibiza
- Heineken Thirst / Malaysia
- Seoul Electronic Music Festival
- Samsung
- Kent
- Audi
- Speedzone Malaysia
- XO openair
- Jamiroquai / Orange Summer Party

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